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Make it: Paper Crowns!

There always seems to be extra wrapping paper around during winter. Wondering what to do with it? How about you make yourself a crown! Or honor some king or queen in your life with a crown you’ve crafted just for them! These are easy and fun. Just download the template, print it on cardstock, gather your supplies, and you’re off! Cheers to your royal selves!


Template (download here)
Two brad fasteners  (only one pictured here)
Wrapping paper of your choice
Hole-puncher (not pictured)

Print the template and cut it out.

I left the extra paper at the top and bottom for a bigger crown. Feel free to adjust as your head sees fit! 🙂

Trace the template onto the back of the wrapping paper.

I had to do it twice to accommodate for my large noggin.

Here’s what it looks like finished. It’s not perfect, but that’s okay! Perfect is overrated.

Cut on the lines.

Cut out each triangle and save them for the top ball.

So it’ll look something like this.

Gather up those triangles and join them at the flat ends.

Like so. Keep holding that spot as you grab your hole-puncher.

Punch a hole in the middle of the flat ends and put the first brad fastener in with the end on the inside.

It’ll look something like this. Keep the end open – it will attach to the crown part!

Grab your hole puncher and punch a hole in each of the points.

Gather the punched holes together onto the second brad (with the end facing out this time), sliding one hole onto the brad at a time.

Close the brad on that top end and set the ball you just made aside.

Now on to the crown section! Fold the unfinished edge of the wrapping paper up (this will make a sturdier crown).

Tape along that entire edge (also contributes to the study factor).

Measure it for your head, and trim off the excess. Tape the bottom section together to form the circle that will go on your head.

Paper punch the middle of the flat side of each piece of the crown, just like you did with the pointed parts of the top ball.

Now pick up your ball top again. The bottom brad will attach to the crown! Slide each punched hole over the brad.

It’ll look like this from the top. Now it’s time to close the brad and finish up!

It’ll look like this from the bottom. Adjust the sections of the crown on the ball and the main part so it’s all arranged the way you like it, then make sure all the brads are nice and tight, and you’re done! Enjoy your crowns! Time for a tea party, perhaps!

Make Paper Butterflies!

These little paper butterflies are super cute and super easy! Roxie had a blast putting this together with me (Aryn) one rainy day. You could make a bunch of them and hang them from strings to make a little mobile, or tack them up on a wall in a group, or just make one to brighten your desk. Whatever you decide, have fun crafting! Isn’t paper the best?!


• Pretty paper (we found slightly thicker paper – like printer paper – is better than origami paper for this, but the origami paper is nice because it’s already perfectly square!) We got our lovely paper from Cardboard Robot in Decorah! The patterned paper is wrapping paper, and the solid paper is origami paper.

• Scissors

• Glue (optional)

Cut your paper into a rough square (if it’s not already in squares)

Fold one corner up to form a triangle and trim the excess paper off the edges.

Open it up and fold the opposite corner up to form another triangle. Trim excess paper.

Open it up again, and turn it so you can see the X. Fold one side up into a rectangle.

Open it up and turn it 90 degrees, then fold up into a rectangle again.

Flip it so the point faces up. You’re going to be folding IN (inverting) these two corners I’m pointing to.

Invert the fold on one side, and the other.

So it looks like this!

Now keep that point on the left, and fold the bottom point up to make a smaller triangle.

It’ll look like this! Keep that point on the left, and round off the top point.

Open it back up one fold. It’ll look like this!

Take these two corners – just the front pieces, not the back – and fold them down into the center.

Like this!

Now grab that bottom tip and roll it backward.

Until just the tip is sticking out above the top.

Fold that tip down over the front. Make a strong crease. This is the butterfly’s head!

Then fold the whole thing in half, starting the crease at the butterfly’s head.

Give it a squeeze! This will help keep the folds all together. (It will open up back again after the squeeze – it’s almost done!)

If you want to give your butterfly antennae, grab a couple of those trimmed paper scraps.

Tuck them in next to the head (a little drop of glue or swipe of glue stick before you tuck it in wouldn’t hurt to help keep it in place), and trim to your desired length.

And you’re done! Isn’t it cute? Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Paper Project: Award Ribbons

Award Ribbons

Got a spouse/son/daughter/coworker/roommate that is Crafty, Smart or Rad AF? Spring is a great time to give someone you love a huge THANK YOU and a nifty homemade award for the great work they do every day.

What You’ll Need:

• Selection of cute card stock (you can choose to handwrite your message, or you can choose one our options. Print the page right on your cardstock – this one is for grown-ups, this one is for kids)!
• Hot glue gun (or craft glue)
• Scissors
• Pen or pencil
• Ruler
• Safety pin (optional)

award ribbon materials

1. Choose one of your decorative papers for the fringe around your award ribbon and cut two 1.5 x 8″ strips.

ribbons step 1   ribbons step 2   

2. Fold each strip accordion style trying to keep the folds a narrow consistent width.

Ribbons Accordion fold

3. Glue the two accordions together to form a ring.

hot glue ribbon Ribbons Accordion fold  

4. Make the center of the award ribbon by cutting two circles of different diameters out of different card stocks. (1.5″ and 2″ circles.) If you’d like to use one of our sayings (rather than handwrite your message) you can print some options out here > (print them right on your colored cardstock). This page is for grown-ups, this page is for kids! 🙂

 trace circle

5. Glue the circles together.

 cut larger circle

6. Attach the center circle by applying plenty of glue to your accordion fringe.

glue outside

7. Hold the circle in place while the glue cools.

8. Choose a new paper for the “legs” of the ribbon. Snip the end of the strips off at an angle and glue these together, and then to the back of the ribbon.

cut legs glue legs

9. At this time you might want to attach a safety pin to back so that your award can be worn! This can be secured to the back of the ribbon with a strip of paper.

attach safety pin

10. “Smart,” “Crafty,” “Strong…” What will your award say?

Kristin Anderson
Kristin Anderson had a blast putting this spring’s paper project together! She is a Luther Grad from Des Moines where she designs graphics, paints, eats, and dreams of owning a vegetable farm. To see more of her work check out her webpage!