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Live Generously: Lucas Zellmer

Lucas ZellmarLucas Zellmer had no idea the extent of poverty in La Crosse, Wisconsin – where more than 15 percent of the population lives below the poverty line – until moving there in 2012.

“The first time I rode through the city, I noticed far more homeless or impoverished people than I had ever seen in my hometown of Blooming Prairie,” he says. “The poverty was impossible to ignore.”

Wanting to “make a difference,” Lucas soon began to split his time between studies at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, where he majors in biology, and volunteer service at the St. Clare Health Mission free clinic and the Place of Grace soup kitchen, which serves some 250 meals a day. He learned not only about the missions of both organizations but also about the people they serve – men and women without reliable transportation who are often able to land jobs but unable to get to them consistently.

“It was clear to me that there was a real demand for accessible, reliable transportation among the homeless and impoverished populations of La Crosse,” says Lucas. “Sometimes getting to jobs is more challenging than securing those jobs in the first place – I wanted to do something to fill that transportation void.”

In April, Lucas launched Wheels for All, a small nonprofit that provides single-speed bicycles – they require less maintenance than those with multiple gears – to those who need them the most. To date, he has fixed up and given away more than 20 bicycles, most of which have been donated by his family and supportive community members. As word of the organization spreads – WKBT-TV in La Crosse profiled Lucas and Wheels for All last July – Lucas hopes to help even more individuals who would benefit from having their own two wheels.

“I founded Wheels for All because I love knowing I have helped someone in difficult circumstances,” he says. “We may only be providing bikes, but seeing the recipients’ faces when they receive them – and hearing them describe how those bikes will help them – is such a powerful thing.”

To learn more about the organization – or make a donation – visit Lucas’s Go Fund Me page.
– by Sara Friedl-Putnam

Sometimes getting to jobs is more challenging than securing those jobs

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How to: Make a Turkey Hat!

What you’ll need:
Inspire(d) Turkey Page 29 from the Fall 2011 issue (Get it here!)
Brown paper bag
Cardboard (optional – cereal boxes work well)
Glue (stick, Elmer’s, whatever works…but probably NOT Super Glue)

1. Out of the paper bag, cut a band wide enough to fit your (or your friend’s, child’s, spouse’s) head.

2. Wrap the paper bag band around your head and mark or make note of where it needs to be glued. Then, of course, glue it!

3. Next, cut a circle for your turkey’s face. You can use the template on the Inspire(d) page if you like, just cut out the whole circle and trace.

4. Cut out pieces, as directed, from Inspire(d) Magazine (you may choose to back the “feathers” and “wings” with cardboard if you want them to not flop. If so, and if you’re smarter than me, glue the cereal box cardboard sheet to the entire turkey page before step 4, then cut just once).

5. Glue the feathers in place – they go on the inside back of the headband, and it might help to line them up along the back so you know how you want them spaced.

6. Glue the eyes and wattle to the paper bag circle. Fold the beak where it says “fold here,” and glue just the side with the writing (it will read upside down) to the turkey face. This way the beak can open and shut. Now on the opposite and outside of the band, glue the face in place.

7. Center the wings around the face, and glue on each side.

8. You’re done! Place on head. Maybe do a dance. Happy Thanksgiving! XO – A & B