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Say ‘I’m Inspired!’


This morning, Roxie (totally out of the blue) asks, “Daddy, will you please help me clean up my desk?” It certainly wasn’t by example – our desks are way messy this morning (and often are). Of course, Benji said yes and he and Roxie tidied up her desk while I got breakfast ready. I didn’t think of it again until I came into the office (where Roxie’s “desk”, aka her art table, lives), and I saw her wonderfully organized and clean work space. The first words that came to my head were, “Wow, clean desk! I’m jealous!” Then I shook that head of mine. No.

Let’s change that vocabulary: I’m inspired!

So here’s to Mondays and clean desks, friends. Let’s not be jealous of others who have what we hope to have (ha, and definitely not our toddler children, right?) – let’s make it happen for ourselves! (P.S. A clean desk is definitely in my future, I promise.)