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February 2020 Calendar!

February! We’re making our way through this winter! Go team! Start planning your fun with this handy-dandy February 2020 calendar (you can download the pdf here).  Get out there, friends! XO, Inspire(d)

Check out these great February 2020 activities! In chronological order, each event’s number coincides with its number on the calendar!

12. February 5-9: The Frozen River Film Festival (Winona) engages, educates, and activates our community to become involved in the world through the art of documentary films.

13. February 15: Vesterheim Folk Art School class – “Scandinavian Craft Cocktails”: learn to make original modern Scandinavian-style cocktails with Stephen Larson. Register at

14. February 16: Vesterheim Folk Art School class – “Let’s Eat and Drink Together”: learn to make modern Scandinavian food and drinks with Stephen Larson. Register at

15. February 22: Families are invited to ‘The Magic of Isaiah’ at Decorah Public Library!  Join a high energy magic show with lots of audience participation, clean family comedy, tricks, and illusions! Pre-registration required.

16. February 29: Eagle Bluff presents Dinner on the Bluff with Sitka Salmon Shares president Nic Mink: “Climate Change and the Fish on Your Plate.” Tickets at or 507-467-2437

Paper Project: Paper Fortune Cookies!

One of my favorite things to celebrate in the winter is the Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year. It generally falls at the perfect time of year for a party – late winter, when the holiday season has passed but you really, really need some socialization.

I lived in China for a year in 2004-2005 teaching English, and honestly I never saw one fortune cookies there. But that doesn’t stop me from loving fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants here, and loving these paper ones filled with positive messages.

These would be fun to put together for Chinese New Year – it is Saturday January 25, 202 this year, the Year of the Rat – or just to give to your kids, your friends, your neighbors…pretty much anyone who would love to unwrap a bit of positivity (which should be everyone!).

Roxie and I had so much fun making these together, and writing our own positive messages too! So let’s get to it!


• Colored or patterned paper
Note: We got our awesome paper at Cardboard Robot in Decorah – it’s actually thick wrapping paper. Cardstock would be too think, but traditional wrapping paper would be too thin, so plan accordingly! Regular printer paper would likely work fine.
• Small bowl for tracing – we tried a cup, but we felt like it made too small of cookies
• Pencil for tracing
• Scissors
• Hot glue gun (adult supervision required)
Positive fortunes/sayings download

Cut out all the sayings (download the page here), or write your own


Trace a circle on the back of your paper

Cut out your circle

Place the positive “fortune” in the middle of the plain side of the circle

Fold the top over to the bottom, but don’t make a crease

Turn the semi-circle over and make a small “wave” at the opening

Hold the wave with one hand and grab the corners of the other “spine” of the semi-circle and place your pointer finger in the center

While still maintaining the wave, carefully push the center of the spine in while pulling the edges of the spine toward each other

Place a dot of hot glue in the crease (we found if you place it about halfway up the crease, it holds best)

Hold the crease in place for about 30 seconds while the glue dries and you’re done!

Hand these little presents of positivity all over! Happy winter! XOXO – Inspire(d)

January 2020 Calendar!

January! 2020! It’s the FUTURE! Start planning the first month of it with this handy-dandy January 2020 calendar (you can download the pdf here).  Happy New Year! XO, Inspire(d)

Check out these great January 2020 activities! In chronological order, each event’s number coincides with its number on the calendar!

8. January 11: Jester Puppets “Space Cadets”! Come travel through space with cadets of the Academy at Decorah Public Library –solve problems, overcome challenges, work together! 1:30 pm,  Pre-registration required.

9. January 11-12: Vesterheim Folk Art School class “Reclaim Your Christmas Tree”, carving fun for all ages with Rebecca Hanna, Jan. 11-12. Register at

10. January 12: Leather ‘N Lace at the Concordia Ballroom playing popular dance music, old-time, country, and polka. Sunday dances weekly, 1-5 p.m. Facebook-Concordia Ballroom La Crosse.

11. January 16-25: New Minowa Players presents “Winnie the Pooh” January 16-25, Decorah. Full schedule and tickets ($10/$5), available at Oneota Community Co-op and at Phone 563-382-5174