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How to: Make a Paper Christmas Tree!


Roxie requested that we make some Christmas trees last week – she’s into glue and learning to use scissors these days – and as I was cutting the tree trunk I had the thought: This could be a little stand-up tree! Or a table place card! So, without further ado: a bonus paper project! Tiny table trees!


• Tree template (print pdf here)
• Scissors
• Markers (you could even glue on sequins or do little tissue paper bits)
   (Ed note: The MINUTE I wrote sequins, I jumped up to make another tree…see above… ‘cause I’m a hoarder with packets of sequins and old birthday garland in the closet.)
• Glitter, sequins, tissue paper, tinsel, glue…you get it.

1. Cut out tree. Make sure to cut on the dotted lines at the trunk, but leave those flaps on – they become the stand.


2. Decorate tree. You can color on them, glue on them, stamp on them, make them place cards for your holiday table. Whatever you want! (< exciting!)


3. Fold the two flaps in at the trunk lines, then place the two slits together to form a triangle stand.


4. Stand ‘er up.


That’s it! Simple, right? Happy holidays, friends!



Paper Project: Turkey Finger Puppets!

Looking for something fun to do with your kiddos  (or guests?) on Thanksgiving? Or even today (brrr…it’s cold). Or maybe you’re looking for table favors? These turkey finger puppets are super fun, easy, and cute! Just click below for a downloadable pdf!ThanksgivingFingerPuppets_Fall14