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Change Your World: Be An Acorn!

change your world

9 Ways to Change Your World

It doesn’t always seem like you can change the world, but you can certainly change your world…any day, any time. So in honor of Inspire(d)’s ninth birthday (Happy birthday, paper baby), we’re sharing 9 ways you can change your world today!

1. Be a good friend.

2. Meet your neighbors.

3. Look on the bright side.

4. Support local businesses.

5. Cook.

6. Smile.

7. Do something you’ve always dreamed of (it’s inspiring)!

8. Volunteer.

9. Make stuff.

We can do this, friends!


Infographic: How to Stay in Touch with Siblings (or any family, really)


Call your mother. She worries.

It’s embroidered on pillows and etched into our brains. And with mother’s day coming up, you probably should. Call her, that is. But you know what else your mother would really like? For you to, “Stop pulling your sister’s hair!” Or to – at least – get along with her. For us older folks (sigh), it’s often not about utterly detesting your siblings, but not having the time to keep in touch. The funny thing is, keeping in touch with your family is about as easy as it’s ever been right now. We can talk over video calls on our phones, people. It’s like we’re the bleepin’ Jetsons up in here!

So, we put together some ideas on ways to connect and re-connect with those folks you grew up with and loved (to hate). Without further ado: an infographic with our best ideas for keeping those family ties tied nice and tight. ‘Cause, you know…you’re stuck with each other. May as well enjoy it!