25 Words / $25 Bucks

Available NOW! 25 Words/25 Bucks – an automated calendar submission system!

Calendar time is always an exciting time at Inspire(d) Headquarters. “Just how much can we fit on there this month?!?” Up to this point, what we’ve chosen for these lovely pages has been entirely editorial and subjective. We figure, hey, you like our magazine, so you’ll probably like the fun stuff to do that we pick out from around our region. But we’re running out of space and want you, our lovely readers, friends, and fellow event-planners, to be able to tell us a little more about your fun.

Thus we’ve implemented a simple, expandable list of events for the pages following our regular calendars. Those who are planning “fun stuff to do” get a guaranteed spot on the calendar and in the event listing by purchasing “25 Words/$25 Bucks.” We know it’s a tough racket to put on live music, activities, and special events, so we want to give you a chance to get the word out without breaking the bank.

See – we told you about our amazing fictional party in just 25 words! On the visual calendar (like the one at left), your event will be listed along with a number that corresponds. People can just scan on over to the following pages to get the details!

First things first: 25 Words/$25 Bucks is available for only events. Sorry, folks: no exceptions.

Here’s how you submit your event:

1. Click this link. It will open a form in a new window.


2. Enter your information – I suggest you submit it like this:

       Choose the appropriate start date (ongoing dates, write “through [insert date]” first in the form).

       In the form, write: Event name! Fun extra details, location, price, website.

Then follow the link (it appears after you type more than six words) to Pay Pal to settle up.

Thanks! We can’t wait to hear more about the fun stuff you’re planning!

Having trouble? Here are a few more submission tips/information:

Type or paste in your words in the form. Once you get past six words the “pay now” button shows up (so people don’t accidentally pay before they start typing), but if you go over 25 words, the “pay now” button will disappear (so people don’t go over the word limit).

After you’ve entered your words, you’ll hit the pay now button and be directed to our PayPal page.

You can either sign in to your PayPal account or click the line that says “Don’t have a PayPal account?” This will take you to a page where you can enter your credit card info and submit!

NOTE: If your event is the first week of our scheduled rack period (i.e. the first week of March, June, September, or December), we recommend you do not submit a 25W/$25B. 

Inspire(d) Magazine 25W/$25B Schedule:


Spring – March, April, May. 25W/$25B deadline January 25, 2019.

Summer – June, July, August. 25W/$25B deadline April 26, 2019.

Fall – September, October, November. 25W/$25B deadline July 26, 2019.

Winter – December, January (2019), February (2019). 25W/$25B deadline October 30, 2019.

Any questions email benji@iloveinspired.com

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