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10KSB Decorah Itinerary!

By Aryn Henning Nichols

We are so excited that you are planning to join us for a fun weekend in Northeast Iowa! We've put together two opportunities to meet up with fellow 10KSB Alumni in Decorah - see the highlighted events below. It's also going to be a great weekend in Decorah for fun and adventure! Here are a few ideas, and some ways to check out the businesses of Decorah 10KSB alums (there are eight of us to-date)!

10KSB Decorah Itinerary – Friday September 15 & Saturday September 16

Here’s a link to a map of the 10KSB businesses you can visit, as well a pin for Toppling Goliath for our Day 2 event!

Day 1:

10KSB Event: 
Friday, September 15, 3-5 pm, Impact Coffee – Happy Hour!

Friday night on-your-own activities:

Day 2:

Saturday in Decorah – have an on-your-own 10KSB morning!

  • Coffee & Bagel at Impact Coffee, owned by Sean Brown, Cohort 8
  • Pick up an Inspire(d) – owned by Aryn Henning Nichols, Cohort 7 – and read about the community while you enjoy your breakfast!

Shop Decorah 10KSB

  • Have an ice cream snack at Sugar Bowl, owned by Nathan Todd, Cohort 8
  • Take a walk around town and see a Driftless Gardens landscape – owned by Jeff Scott, Cohort 9 – at Dry Run Plaza on the corner of Water St. and Riverside Ave
  • Grab some Sogo meat sticks – owned by Dan Bellrichard, Cohort 1 –  and have an adventure!
Palisades Park has lots of great hiking trails!

Adventure ideas:

10KSB Event:
Tour Toppling Goliath, then have dinner! 4 pm

Other fun Decorah events happening Saturday

When you’re out and about, take selfies or pictures at all of the places you visit and hashtag #Iowa10KSB and #VisitDecorah – it will be fun to see what y’all do in this gorgeous part of Iowa! We can’t wait to host you!

See you soon! <3 – the Decorah 10KSB alumni

Jamie Gavle, Rendered Unique – Cohort 9
Jeff Scott, Driftless Gardens- Cohort 9
Sean Brown, Impact Coffee- Cohort 8
Eric Sovern, Cardboard Robot- Cohort 8
Nathan Todd, Sugar Bowl- Cohort 8
Aryn Henning Nichols, Inspire(d) Media- Cohort 7
Lisa Lantz, The Getup- Cohort 7
Dan Bellrichard, Sogo Snacks- Cohort 1